About Us


I have been quilting since 1995. I quilted some items on my domestic sewing machine, and sent others out to be quilted. In 2002, I discovered home quilting frames, and soon afterwards, computer-assisted quilting. With 20+ years of experience in information technology and computer graphic arts, this was a match made in heaven!

In 2006, I invested in an A-1 long arm machine equipped with a computer-guided system, and switched to IntelliQuilter in 2015. I enjoy the challenge of planning the best possible quilting treatment for every top, whether it's an edge to edge design or a more elaborate custom treatment. Since I have several thousand designs available for use, no two quilts ever look the same! Using IntelliQuilter allows me to multi-task and use my time more effectively, resulting in accurate work with consistently high quality.

Most recently, I've started to offer original machine embroidery files for sale. These can be seen at www.suebstitching.com.


I'm an electrical engineer who spent 30+ years as an Air Force and commercial pilot. I now also work with multi-needle machine embroidery. I'm particularly interested in military-themed work, and I specialize in embroidered golf towels, and, more recently, golf hats.

I've been assisting with mechanical and technical tasks since Day One. I help Sue load wide backing fabrics, ensure that rows are straight, thread tensions are correct, and everything works smoothly. I'm also the "extra pair of eyes" who helps inspect finished quilts before they come off the frame.


I'm a 14 year old Kerry Blue Terrier who joined the team in 2010. My nickname is "Miss Lillievisor," cause I like to know what's going on at all times! I might have long bangs, but trust me, I don't miss a thing.

Mickey Mickey

I'm an 11 year old Kerry Blue Terrier who came on the scene in late August 2015. My nickname is "Mickey Donuts" because I spin in a circle when I'm excited. I'm the younger half-brother to Dr. Mac, and, like him, I love our clients and our neighbors. 

Mac photo In Memory of Ch. Bonnie Blu's Dr. Mac

Our beloved Dr. Mac crossed the Rainbow Bridge in August of 2014. He was part of our "quilting team" since 2008, and loved greeting our clients. He always sensed exactly how much to interact with a new client, when to be friendly, and when to keep a respectful distance. We miss his gentle personality and deep Kerry bark. 


Monday, March 27, 2017