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Quilting patterns and supplies

What type of quilting do you do and what type of machine do you use?

We use a computer-assisted system (A1 Elite with IntelliQuilter) to ensure a consistent result with the selected quilting designs.

What quilting pattern you will use for my quilt?

We will consult with you to help you decide on how best to quilt your top to enhance your piecing and fabrics.

What if I want you to use a quilting design that you do not have available?

This is rare (we have a HUGE library of designs), but, if absolutely necessary, we may agree to purchase the design you want to use for your quilt. Please refer to the Favorite Links page.

What brands of thread do you use?

We use solid and variegated cotton threads from Sulky, Gunold, and Superior Threads. We also use clear poly monofilament threads from Sulky and Superior Threads.

Using variegated threads or different colors in top and bobbin may result in tiny dots of thread (“pokies”) on either the front or back of the quilt. That is not a tension error, it is the nature of long arm quilting machines. To avoid this, we normally use top and bobbin threads that are close in color.

What do you use for bobbin thread?

We use Bottom Line (soft polyester) solid color prewound bobbins.

Do you stock wide backing fabrics?

We carry a limited supply of high quality wide backing fabrics available for purchase. If we do not have a backing that coordinates with your top, we will suggest several merchants from whom you can purchase wide backings.

What battings do you use?

We stock Quilter’s Dream Blend (70% cotton, 30% poly) in four different widths for bed quilts, 60 inch wide Quilter's Dream Green Poly (made from recycled plastic bottles), Quilter's Dream 80/20, and Hobbs Heirloom 80/20. We also carry a few other Quilter's Dream battings in pre-cut sizes. You are welcome to supply your own batting, but please consult with us first if possible. We reserve the right to refuse to work with battings that we know will cause problems (thread breakage, etc.).

Are there any fabrics that require special treatment?

Batiks generally have very high thread counts and can be difficult to quilt. Some white on white fabrics have heavy paint coverage (which is how the white on white printing is done), and may require special handling. If you have any concerns, please ask.

T-shirt quilts and quilts containing photos may require special handling. If you have any concerns, please ask.

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Costs and payment

How do you figure quilting costs?

Costs are based upon the number of square inches in the quilt (width x length). Your top will be measured in 3 places in both dimensions (width and length), and an average taken to determine the width and length.

If there is a great deal of variation in these measurements, you may have border problems. We will ask if you want to take back the top to fix the problems, or if you want them fixed for an additional charge.

There is a $10 charge for standard thread (solid colors) and an $12 charge for premium threads (variegated or monofilament). If you want to use two or more different thread colors, there is a $5 charge for each additional thread color.

Do you have a minimum charge?

There is a minimum charge of $25 for basting and $50 for quilting.

Do you offer binding services?

No, but we know someone in the area who does a GREAT job, and will provide her contact info. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment in full is required at the time your quilt is returned to you. For quilts that are shipped, payment in full (including shipping charges) is required before your quilt will be shipped. Personal checks are accepted, although they must clear prior to shipment. We will also accept credit cards via Paypal or Square, please contact us for more details.

For custom made quilts, 1/3 of the total price is due when the contract is signed, 1/3 is due when the top is pieced, and the balance is due when the quilt is picked up, or prior to shipment.

If a personal check fails to clear due to insufficient funds, payment in guaranteed funds (Paypal, money order, or certified check) or cash, plus the bank processing fee is required within 5 days.

Do you charge sales tax?

Sales tax is collected in accordance with Pennsylvania state law.

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Everything else

I've heard that computerized quilting systems make quilts look like mattress pads. Is that true?

Not true at all! Computer-assisted systems permit the use of detailed patterns with very consistent quality. Some patterns can be flipped or rotated to prevent the quilting from looking exactly the same for every row. Other patterns nest so that it's not obvious where each row begins. Take a look at the Edge to Edge quilts featured in the Gallery section. 

I'm new to quilting, and my piecing isn't quite perfect. Can you help me?

Of course! Your quilt may be best suited to a less detailed all over design, or it may need to have a block pattern offset or adjusted by a small amount. We'll talk about that before your quilt top goes on the frame.

Will you accept “rush” jobs?

We will do our best to honor requests to have your project complete by a specific date, depending upon our backlog and other commitments. We don't accept “rush” jobs for an extra fee, as that is not fair to customers already in the schedule.

How do you handle allergens?

Sue is allergic to tobacco smoke, cats, and dogs who shed heavily. If any of these apply to you, please let us know in advance. Your quilt tops will require special handling to ensure that odors and allergens do not transfer to other customers’ quilt tops. It’s a simple process, and will not damage your quilt top in any way.

If you have pets, please take a few minutes to tumble the top in your clothes dryer (no heat) and/or go over your quilt top with a sticky lint roller. We will be grateful for that, and so will the clients whose quilts follow yours.

Referrals and Feedback

If you are happy with our work, please spread the word. If you refer a fellow quilter to us, please make sure that your friend mentions your name so you will qualify for a future referral bonus.

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